University subject profile: nutrition and food science – The Guardian

Learn how food science and nutrition keep people and the planet healthy
What you’ll learn
People are increasingly interested in understanding how the food we eat affects our health and how improving the food supply chains can reduce their environmental impact. Food science and nutrition plays a major role in keeping both populations and the planet healthy. Students will learn about the complex basis for the food choices we make, the composition, production and processing of food, and how these factors affect human health.
How you’ll learn
Most courses consist of lectures, seminars and a range of analytical, computer and health-related laboratory sessions that provide students with a diverse range of practical experience.
Entry requirements
These vary. A background in science is helpful but not essential.
What job can you get?
Food science and nutrition will play a central role in global efforts to improve human and planetary health. Many graduates follow careers in the food industry as practising nutritionists, in public health or in food and nutrition-related research. Some go on to set up their own business, work in the NHS or become personal trainers.


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