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The Science Lab is the first academic room that you can make and is probably one of the more important rooms overall. It particularly introduces the Archaeology course which is one of the best ways to make money in Two Point Campus.
The following guide will explain all there is to know about the Science Lab in the game. You will also get to learn about its requirements and courses, and a few tips to boast.
The Science Lab can be unlocked during the first course, Scientography, which you’ll run as a part of the Freshleigh Meadows tutorial section.
There are a few requirements that you need to meet in order to build a Science Lab for your campus.
Firstly, the Science Lab has a minimum room size requirement of 5×5 and comes at the base cost of $18,200.
Once you have built the room, the next step is to add some essential items such as a Science Board and a Science Hub for your staff and students. These items are necessary to increase the efficiency of your Science Lab, especially if your staff and students are making requests—more on that later.
The most important requirement of a Science Lab though is its teachers. Your Science Lab will not function without a qualified and skilled Science teacher. That, however, also means you must be willing to spend a lot on hiring.
You will be spending around $30,000 on average for a half-decent Science teacher. You can obviously pay more or less for either an underqualified or overly qualified teacher.
Just remember that a good Science teacher will help students get good grades. That in turn will induct more students to help boost your income and happiness levels. It will also impact your campus star rating. It all comes down to how much you are looking to invest.
The following are items that you can add or place in your Science Lab. Some of them are essential while others are merely for decorative purposes. Even decor, though, becomes necessary to keep your staff and students happy.
Having a Science Lab is necessary to add Science-related courses to your campus. Keep note that adding new courses is expensive but important to make money.
The following are the courses and classes that you can add through your Science Lab in Two Point Campus.
Funny Business
Size matters
There are a number of items that you can place in a Science Lab and as you make progress, you will eventually be forced to add all of them to keep your staff and students happy.
That, however, means having a larger Science Lab. The bare minimum size of 5×5 may look big enough at the start but make no mistake, you can fill it up pretty quickly. Hence, the smarter move is to build a larger room from the beginning.
Prioritize your Learning Power items
While some decorations and items can be ignored until needed, prioritize the items that give your Science Lab a stat boost. Increasing the Learning Power of your students will in turn increase your chances of seeing them pass out with better grades. The higher the grades, the higher the lab rating.
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