Spoon Guru brings nutrition science tech to Google Cloud Marketplace — Retail Technology Innovation Hub – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

With Spoon Guru’s commerce solutions available on Google Cloud Marketplace, retailers will be able to quickly deploy the offerings to their Google Cloud environment.
Spoon Guru has deployed numerous solutions with grocers worldwide to help consumers shop and eat healthily.
Working with certified nutrition experts and public health organisations in both Europe and the US, its proprietary algorithm provides, the company claims, “unrivalled accuracy when it comes to matching people with the right foods for their needs.”.
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“Spoon Guru is already enabling health personalisation for retailers globally and we are excited to see the value they will bring to our retail customers,” comments Paul Tepfenhart, Director Global Retail Solutions, Google Cloud.
“Finding products for individual dietary and health needs can be challenging so this partnership between Google Cloud and Spoon Guru will enable customers with technologies that provide even more satisfying and relevant experiences to their end consumer.
Markus Stripf, Co-Founder and CPMO at Spoon Guru, says: “Our partnership with Google Cloud represents a significant step forward to helping global retailers provide accurate and personalised food recommendations for their customers, and ultimately further our mission to improve people’s lives by helping them eat well and live better.”
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