Hereby Timeline Roadmap of DuniaNusantara.com

MilestonesFund raisingFinancing IMAGINATIONS Availability

Link to detail @Knowledge Base [Roadmap]

The Algorithm

The POWER of MATH!Quantum is coming!

Hereby the [basic] Algorithm of DuniaNusantara – ANOVA / ACOVA / MANCOVA

Brief of information & digital techs used – Powering BEYOND METAVERSE!

Link to detail @Knowledge Base [Algorithm]

Real People [smiley]

Heart [kind] – as #1 fuel – pic of beautiful Indonesia smile – Kemenparkraf link

EQ and LQ as the Power to Infinity basis of DuniaNusantara’s Algorithm

Link to SPREAD 2050 – basis of behavioral social sciences methodology used in the algorithm

Real Earth Location

Pics of beautiful Cikidang – link to Kemenparkraf of INDONESIA WONDERLAND and BEAUTIFUL SUKABUMI [UNESCO GEOPARK CILETUH]

Geodesic [fuel #2] vs Planar – as input paths to the algorithm – more technicals @Knowledge Base [Our Earth]


Secured / Serialized pdf – registered to download

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