Launch of JRC 2021 Annual Report –

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has just released its 2021 Annual Report which provides highlights from how the organisation supported the European Commission’s political priorities, and key achievements from 2021.
2021 proved to be a difficult year, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rage on, and, in parallel, many other challenges such as climate change, floods and droughts. The report reflects this, and shows how science plays a crucial role in addressing these and many other issues. As can be seen from the report, the JRC thus fulfils its mission of supporting EU policies with sound science, evidence and knowledge, to underpin European policymaking, from anticipation to enforcement.
The JRC uses its multi-disciplinary expertise and analytical capability to help design legislation, assess when and where to make investments, and, more generally speaking, to join the dots between different policy areas, for an integrated, efficient approach.
The highlighted examples in the report illustrate where the JRC helped make a tangible difference in 2021 through the prism of the von der Leyen Commission’s priorities, a few of which are outlined below, featuring also a short fact & figures section on the organic evolution of the JRC over the past few years.
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