Ford clarifies future of Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table –

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford has addressed reports that the Ontario Science Advisory Table is being dissolved.
At a news conference in Niagara on Friday, Ford was repeatedly asked about the dissolution. He claimed that the science table isn’t being dissolved, just “absorbed” by Public Health Ontario.
“We aren’t dissolving it, we’re actually transferring it over to Public Health. They had an incredible relationship throughout this pandemic. They’re gonna have a full-time home, rather than be put out there in limbo, and we’re always gonna be cautious. We always have to measure the wastewater, and things like that.”
Ford also says he is not directing the advisory table in any way, and precautions and testing measures will be continuing at its discretion. On that note, when asked to clarify where the responsibilities of the table now fall, the Premier said they aren’t transferring the table’s responsibilities to Public Health, they’re simply giving the table a permanent base there to work more directly with Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore.
“Well we aren’t necessarily transferring, the Science Table is actually just moving over to Public Health, working in coordination with Dr. Moore, and we’ll always take the advice off the Science Table along with Public Health.”
Allowing the Science Table to have a permanent base of operations will be beneficial, Ford said, because it worked so closely with Dr. Moore during the worst of the pandemic.
“They’re gonna have a home, and what better home to have than with Dr. Moore, that works hand-in-hand with the Science Table, and that’s where they’re gonna be headquartered, if you wanna call it that, and we’re gonna continue working with them, taking their advice and guidance, along with Dr. Moore.
Ford concluded by stating the province will continue to listen to the Science Table’s advice and it will remain an independent body, with no direction coming from the province, after being asked whose decision it was to transfer the table to Public Health.
“Well let’s be very clear, they’re always gonna be independent, just like Public Health is. It goes back to Dr. Moore, I don’t direct Dr. Moore. I just don’t. It’s like I don’t direct the police, and they’re gonna work hand-in-hand, with Dr. Moore, Public Health and it’s just a natural partnership. In think they’ll be quite happy, they’ve always had their independence, and we’re gonna work hand-in-hand with them.”
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