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Should you have more meetings? That question usually garners a resounding “No!
Ask anyone if you should meet more effectively, and that would likely get a resounding, “Yes!”
Before you join the chorus of either side, consider what researchers in separate studies have found about workplace get-togethers:
So meetings make sense. In fact, they matter.
“Meeting with people makes a difference,” said Erica Keswin, a workplace strategist and author of Rituals Roadmap, when she spoke at a Workhuman event. “People need to be with each other to connect.”
You don’t have to meet more often – whether it’s in-person or on video. What’s important is that you meet more effectively. Here’s how:
Keswin suggests leaders use the three “3P” approach to schedule and manage meetings.
For that, you’ll want to consider:
As an HR leader, offer front-line managers a tip sheet or electronic guide for the 3P approach to meeting management.
When you decide to get together, these six tips will help you meet more effectively – whether it’s in -person or virtually:
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