Brainport region 'most promising' science hub in EU – Eindhoven News

The rankings are based on the region’s position in deep technology, university talent, and patents. Within Europe, only the English Oxford and Cambridge regions rank higher as a knowledge region. This makes Eindhoven the most prominent science hub within the EU, closely followed by Munich. The most promising regio worldwide is the San Francisco Bay Area in California (US).
Robert-Jan Smits, chairman of the TU/e ​​board, says he sees the good listing as confirmation of the good work. “As TU/e, we have been focusing on entrepreneurship, challenge-based learning, student teams, and startups for many years. And we traditionally have a very strong research collaboration with the high-tech industry, which all contributes to this result. It is great that this report once again underlines the leading position of the region”, says Smits.
Source: Studio040
Translator: Martijn


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